5G Terminology : gNB

5G specifications are ongoing, and we discover little by little the new acronyms that we will have to remember. So after the BTS (Base Transceiver Station) in 2G, the NodeB in 3G, the eNB in 4G, here comes the gNB in 5G.


So the new radio access technology is called “NR” and replaces “LTE”, and the new base station is called gNB (or gNodeB), and replaces the eNB (or eNodeB or Evolved Node B).

Generation Radio Technology Base Station Name
2G GSM BTS (Base Transceiver Station)
4G LTE eNB, Evolved NodeB
5G NR gNB, G???? NodeB

Does anyone know what this “g” means?

[Edit] the answer is in the comments below, gNB stands for “Next Generation NodeB”


One Comment

  1. So thanks to the wirelessmoves blog, the mystery is solved:

    ““-> Offline_46 (ZTE):
    – Find a proper name for “NB BS”
    – various proposals, no agreement at first.
    Vince Spatafora (AT&T): fNB?
    Sivavakeesar Sivapathalingham (NEC): 5NB?
    Sangeetha Banglae [sic] (Intel): gNB?
    -> gNB was agreed to be the new name of “NB BS”.””

    According to Sangeetha Bangolae:

    “It was meant to be ‘next Generation’ Node B, ngNB could have been possible, but again, only one letter was allowed, so since nNB would be confusing, I picked gNB…it ‘sound’ed also quite alright in my opinion.”

    source: https://blog.wirelessmoves.com/2016/11/3gpp-5g-nr-whats-the-g-in-gnb-all-about-part-2.html



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