An ocean of e-junk is flooding the Internet

In the past 10 years, the processing and delivery of information to human being has been accelerating in an exponential way. Is it a good thing for us human beings and can we handle it? Are we going to drown in an ocean of e-junk flooding the Internet?

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Nouvelle panne DNS chez Orange France

Hier le 16 novembre, les abonnés de Orange France ont connu des difficultés d’accès à Internet liées à une panne de leurs serveurs DNS. C’est la deuxième fois depuis la rentrée que l’opérateur rencontre des difficultés sur ses DNS. Voici un résumé de la situation sur la base des éléments qui ont pu être collectes sur différents réseaux sociaux et sites web.

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Triple-play is the only way

Recently I have been trying to find studies on how people consume data on Internet during a typical day, in order to find out what is the proportion of data volume actually done in conditions of mobility and the rest which done in fixed locations. Although I think it could be a very interesting subject for a thesis or a research paper, I could not find anything. So I tried to come up my own evaluation.

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