This is not gmɑ

It looks like, but this is just gmɑ The internationalized domain name (IDN) convention allows using non ASCII characters for domain names, which is great for arabic and asian countries, but also allows creating fake domain names that look almost like the original.

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6 free tools to optimize your website

Here are 6 free tools that you can use to optimize your website. Some will help you improve your SEO ranking (Search Engine Optimization) and increase your chances to appear on the first page of search engines, others will help you accelerate the loading of your website and improve the navigation experience.

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Test: Pi Hole DNS ad-blocker

These last 2 nights, I spent a couple of hours to test Pi Hole, an interesting project of DNS-based ad blocker to install on a Debian distribution in a Raspberry Pi. The concept of Pi Hole is to configure your device (laptop, phone, tablet) to use Pi Hole server as your primary DNS server. Pi Hole then takes care of filtering any DNS request related to ad content.

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